Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Lizards - Over the Crest of the Hill

There has been a flurry of images of the new lizardman models over the last couple of days. The now mandatory big multi-kit, new flyers, characters and so on. They all look pretty good too. The Bastilodon with the ark of Sotek (I'm assuming that's the one with the snakes) looks a bit weird, but still interesting. It looks like the lizards are getting a major shake up, and not before time. This post is more about how lizards are the first of the army book I'm really looking forward to seeing, and the next few even more so.

The last few book, warriors, daemons and high elves and so on have been good, and I applaud the more balanced approach favouring multiple viable lists and high octane release schedule, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens from now on.

All the more popular books have been done, (bar skaven) and only the weak, boring or more unbalanced books remain now lizards are imminent. The new spell deck might help toward fixing the slann problem. I agree slann should be powerful magic users, but a build without a slann should be equally feasible. I don't play lizards, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing the new book. As to the remaining books, I can't wait. Here's the list of what's left in the order I think it might appear:

Dark Elves: Rumoured to be possibly next. The army is not as powerful as it was, and is still pretty solid, but the sacrificial dagger and unkillable pegagus lord should be nervous, as well as the current incarnation of the hydra. Though, I can see a massive hydra-based multi-kit.

Dwarves: These guys need an injection of fun, both for those who play with and against them. The rumour is golems and airships, but who knows. One thing is for sure, they are pretty boring to play against right now. Sorry dwarf players!

Wood Elves: Ah, the poor wood elves. I hear rumblings about the welves, who are set to keep the guerrilla fighter approach, with powers to affect the enemy army's formations. A veritable avalanche of new units such as monstrous stag cavalry and new tree beasties. I have a feeling there will be a lot of wood elf armies once the new book hits, possibly amongst the more experienced players.

Bretonnians: Crying out for a new book, though they have become more popular since the renaissance of cavalry in 8th. They desperately need some variety, the amount of units available seems very small compared to recent books.

Skaven: What can I say? Currently they have an awesome variety of hideously useful toys. Prepare the nerf bat for some stuff, (goodbye doomrocket) and big up some of my favourites such as the poor rat ogres. A delicate touch is needed here, no knee-jerk nerf everything, but a considered approach to balance.

Beastmen: They need their big monsters to not be rubbish, and some more tools for dealing with big enemy monsters. They're a ways out though, I reckon.

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