Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fimir - A Rather Nice Thing

I was trawling through my forum replies this morning as I am want to do. I run a 'Fimir of Albion' thread on quite a few forums as there's no Fimir.com or BogDwellers.org fimir army site to plant my flag on. (Well, there is a fimir.com, but it's sadly got not a single cyclopean monster on it.) The feedback and encouragement on the various fora is beyond price too, and keeps me trucking on.


On the superb Lead Adventure Forum, I came across this comment from Dewbakuk:
I was speaking to Aly Morrison at the weekend and he mentioned this thread, said how fantastic the army looked and I should take a look. He's right this army is looking superb, very impressive! I can see why it's one of his favourite threads.

That made me put my tea down, I can tell you. For anyone who doesn't know, and shame on you if you don't, Aly Morrison is a miniature designer of some considerable repute, who has been in the industry for an age of man. He co-founded Marauder Miniatures back in the late eighties. Aly and Trish Morrison produced such wonders as the MM90 series of chaos dwarves, and, a personal favourite, the MM50 skeletons. He has produced a wealth of great miniatures for Games Workshop down the years.

And, apparently, he likes my fimir.

My day, she is made.

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