Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fimir - A Rather Nice Thing

I was trawling through my forum replies this morning as I am want to do. I run a 'Fimir of Albion' thread on quite a few forums as there's no Fimir.com or BogDwellers.org fimir army site to plant my flag on. (Well, there is a fimir.com, but it's sadly got not a single cyclopean monster on it.) The feedback and encouragement on the various fora is beyond price too, and keeps me trucking on.


On the superb Lead Adventure Forum, I came across this comment from Dewbakuk:
I was speaking to Aly Morrison at the weekend and he mentioned this thread, said how fantastic the army looked and I should take a look. He's right this army is looking superb, very impressive! I can see why it's one of his favourite threads.

That made me put my tea down, I can tell you. For anyone who doesn't know, and shame on you if you don't, Aly Morrison is a miniature designer of some considerable repute, who has been in the industry for an age of man. He co-founded Marauder Miniatures back in the late eighties. Aly and Trish Morrison produced such wonders as the MM90 series of chaos dwarves, and, a personal favourite, the MM50 skeletons. He has produced a wealth of great miniatures for Games Workshop down the years.

And, apparently, he likes my fimir.

My day, she is made.


  1. That's great news, now your in a good mood you can send me all your spare Undead ;)

    1. I'm never in a good enough mood to part with my undead lovelies. ;)

  2. Praise indeed - you must be well chuffed!

    I wonder if he'd do a little commission seeing as how he likes them so much? ;)

    1. There's an idea. Though, I have heard the most secret of rumblings that we may see some new fimir in the future...

  3. I've been lucky enough to have some minor communications with Aly myself and he seems a right nice guy. And why shouldn't he be impressed with the work of art that is your army? Its friggin impressive dude!

    ...carry on!

    1. Aw shucks Blue! You say the nicest things, one is most appreciative.

      I guess one forgets just how pervasive the internet really is, then all of a sudden you hear something like this and it reminds you you're not just working away in your own provincial little corner of the interwebs!


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