Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fimir - Marlwyrm Riders, Update 1

I started painting the first wyrm rider the other evening, and here's what he looks like thus far. Not a whole lot of progress, just base coating. I still have to add some tattoos to the rider before he gets some washes. As the weapons the fimm carries are ancient, some verdigris on the shield will probably look good. I gave him a turquoise robe too, the same as the meargh. All the noble and higher ranking fimir will get some turquoise cloth, the higher the rank, the more they get. The saddle will probably be the same kind of hide used on the fimir standard bearer, basically sheep's hide. You can see the colours used on the standard below.

The wyrm itself I am very much looking forward to painting. I think I'll go with GW rakarth flesh for the main body, with dark green gloss on the huge boils on it's back. Not entirely sure what way to go with the front of the wyrm. It looks similar to a snail, reckon I need to do a bit more research there. Reddish purple for the gums I think, with a dark red or dark purple tongue. The mouth, boils and tongue will all be gloss, with some elastic glue added for drool.

Yes folks, it's gonna be disgusting.

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