Monday, February 17, 2014

Fimir - Crom Cannon Finished

Latest off the painting table are two less than world-shaking yet very satisfying items for the army. Two base extenders, one for the meargh and one for my hellcannon, Crom Cruach. I've been tinkering away at the bits I needed for the cannon version of Crom for a fair old while in between other models, and it's finally off the table. As for the meargh, the first attempt at a base extender turned into a whole new character. My second attempt was less ambitious and worked out just fine. Both of the bases are lined with rubber steel so the models hold fast during gameplay.

The Crom cannon
The slots are covered in rubber steel for the models to magnetise to.
A 50x50mm extender for the meargh.


  1. You know that you are in quite far down the rabbit hole when someone describes base extenders as "very satisfying" and you find yourself nodding at the screen.

    I understand Mr Saturdays, I understand.


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