Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Genestealer Cult - Hybrid Bits Hunt

After some chatting on among the bloggers the fire is once again upon me to work up a test hybrid for my cult. The fellow above is the look I've settled on for 2nd and 3rd generation hybrids. The bits hunt is in full swing, but I've hit an impasse. For the lower body I think Empire flagellant legs are bang on. The heads will be from the sisters of slaughter dark elf kit, but the upper torso has me stumped. For some hybrids I'll use the existing flagellant torso, and for 2nd gens the warhammer ghoul kit is perfect. Mantic plague models will also come in handy, but what I REALLY need are some bare torso and arms. I looked at dark eldar wracks and mandrakes, which have the wiry worked out looking proportions I'd like to use, but they are not ideal with all the hair on the mandrakes and also the expense. I thought I had it with plastic beastman torsos, but they're too hairy. Chaos marauders are a bit too buff. One is stumped.

Therefore, I put out the call, if anyone knows of a kit/model/conversion pack that contains bare humanish torsos/arms, one would be most grateful.

Wayland Games

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