Monday, February 24, 2014

Oldhammer at KnaveCon 3

The Oldhammer group will be running a participation skirmish game at KnaveCon 3, a four player competitive/cooperative/whatever ye like yerself raid in which rival fimir warbands have come across a sleepy halfling village ripe for the plucking. Each warband is desperate to take more than it's share of plunder and captives back to it's mist-shrouded home, and they must make sure to grab as much loot as they can before the halflings mysterious protectors arrive to spoil the party...

"Dirach Grunsgul stepped out from the cloying mists surrounded the wyrdstone and regarded the halfling settlement with a mixture of joy and disbelief. How had such an apparently defenceless village survived this long? He could see pens of sheep, stacks of corn and fat pigs amongst the small houses. There wasn't even a defensive wall surrounding the place. He shook his head in wonder. Close by, another fimir group emerged from the morning fog. It must be Murdach and his raiders thought Grunsgul. He turned to Goll and his warriors and gave them the signal to attack. Presently the screaming began. The huge fianna fimm Odhran's face wrinkled into a toothy grin, and he hefted his mace and plodded after the others.

The clan would eat well tonight."


  1. Awh, rival Fimir? Now I want to play... :)

  2. Yeah, not going to get there. Send all the slack-jawed Fimir gawpers to my website though, won't you? ;)


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