Friday, February 28, 2014

Fimir - Fianna Fimm

I've been busy this week painting four fianna fimm for our Oldhammer event this weekend at KnaveCon. I got them finished last night.

I've had these fellows primed and ready to paint for some time, and as I whipped through them, ideas came to mind. I'm loathe to convert such old minis, but I couldn't help thinking a hood and cloak held by a broch would look good on one, maybe a Scibor Celtic shield on another. I didn't have time for this though, so I ploughed on.

Now that they are done, I'm beginning to regret my rashness. For a start, I'm not happy AT ALL with the skin. Way too patchy. Added to that one of them has a little mis-cast on his chest which I missed when cleaning them up. Some folks would leave this and move on, but my OCD forbids such a move. So, with that in mind, once KnaveCon is over, these lads are destined for the Dettol, some conversion work, and a do-over. Hence the lack of grasses and moss on the bases, they'd just be wasted.

It's not all flowers and sunshine here at the Mumblings, some days it's a fail.

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