Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Dwarves - Thwoppa Thwoppa!

So the new dwarves are getting toward the week two releases, most eminent of which are the gyrocopters. This is going to be the marmite release for the range, methinks. Here's the images, courtest of Plastic Krak.

 As you can see there are two variants, the smaller gyrocopter and the larger gyrobomber. My first impressions of the model was not positive. The bright colour scheme and the curved hull made the copter look very modern. However, once I saw the side view, the blades and detail, I warmed to them very quickly. I think painting them as metal or wood would make a huge difference to the look of the thing, but then, fantasy helicopter? It's always going to look a bit weird, and frankly it's one of the few remaining humorous models left in warhammer to remind us that this game once had it's tongue firmly planted in it's cheek.

The smaller copter looks like a wee angry bee, and I like it. The Da Vinci style mechanisms are lovely, and the pilot is super groovy with his flying googles and jacket. It would almost make a man want to play dwarves.

Below is the new runelord and iron breakers. They are really very nice indeed. I can see dwarf fans all over having a little cry over how handsome the new dwarves are. The thing about these new dwarves is that they are such a leap forward they make the existing dwarf range look like badly dressed cosplayers. A new warriors/thunders set is now badly needed.

Wayland Games

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