Friday, February 7, 2014

Fimir - Maggoty Crew

A small update today. Small and disgusting. I've had the 'crew' for my hellcannon, Crom, primed and on the painting table for some time now. I'm still painting the base they sit into, which you can see here. They are lovely little worm guys from Heresy miniatures. Pretty simple models, the only bit of pop on them is the grub's face in the middle. Still, it's another tick off the list, a list which is killing me at the moment.

Apart from a little detour to paint my dirach, I've been house keeping with the army for a good while now. Finishing movement trays, my fourth and final marlwyrm rider, some base extenders and some more dogs, I've been a puritan over the last few months in that I've denied myself any other painting until this stuff is wrapped. At this juncture only the dogs and marlwyrm remain, but by Jaysus it's been a tough road. I've been so tempted by the hobby butterfly it's almost reduced me to tears. Fimir, nobles, skeleton warriors, fenbeasts, genestealer hybrids, blood bowl undead, chaos dwarf war machines, all have wiggled their unpainted temptations at me. Added to that the imminent arrival of 15mm Martian tripods, which I know will send me over the edge.

Despite all this I've stayed faithful to the to-do list as I'm determined to get the fimir to 2,500 points sooner rather than later. I have plans for a display board too, which will take some time if I end up doing what's in my sketch book.

After that, who knows, I change my mind daily.

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