Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fimir - Mud & Bone

I've been doing a lot of base work of late. This is no great trial, as I love basing in general, but it's been there have been no actual models attached to the bases I've been doing lately. The reason for this is that both are bases that models magnetise to, allowing me to get more bang for my buck as it were. My meargh can now sport either a 40x40mm or 50x50mm base. The 50x50 gives her a little more height too, which she badly needs when she's masquerading a a daemon prince. The other is a 100x150mm size base for Crom, so I can use him as a hellcannon as well as his regular 50x100mm chariot base. The 100x150mm base is almost done now, some more details and it's ready for the table.

I've made extensive use of ogre parts for the fimir, as there are so many fantastic bits. Bones, hooks, traps, bags, weapons, buckets and so on, basically conversion gold. You can see here a really tasty bit from one of the ogre sets, probably the thundertusk kit.

Wayland Games

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